About Anamosa Auto Sales & Service repair shop in Anamosa, IA

More About Our Anamosa Auto Repair Shop

Since April 2017, Anamosa Auto Sales & Service has been owned and operated by Bryan Thumma. Bryan is an ASE-certified auto repair technician with years of experience in the automotive industry. As a shop owner, he loves helping customers and providing a valuable service to the Anamosa community. By keeping cars safe and reliable, roads are safer as well, and people can simply enjoy their vehicles without worry, while getting where they need to go.

At Anamosa Auto Sales & Service, we put our customers and our community first by providing dependable, quality auto repair.

Emphasizing Quality & Quickness in Auto Repair

At Anamosa Auto Sales & Service, we’re known for our fast turnaround times, as well as the quality of our workmanship. To get your car in for a diagnosis, expect little to no wait time, and we’ll give you a precise answer for what’s wrong with your vehicle, whether a service light is on, or you’ve notice something unusual while driving. Our mechanics also have the know-how and skill to handle the auto repair you need accurately and efficiently, so you never come back to our auto repair shop for the same symptom or issue.

Thanks for learning more about us! If you have a concern with your vehicle, or a dashboard warning light is on, it’s time we meet in person. Give us a call today!

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