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My 2011 Mazda was on the verge being scrapped. These guys not only fixed runs like new.
Took my truck for repair for what I was told (from another repair shop) would be an $800.00 bill. It turns out that I was being scammed. The repair cost from this company was only $100.00! Thanks for your honesty! And you can count on me to come back!
Jeff V.
We were visiting our college-age daughter in Mt. Vernon and decided to get her car winterized while we were there. On a spur of the moment idea, we thought it would be fun to go to one of Iowa's ten MILLION small towns, get the car serviced and walk around a cool town. Anamosa seemed like a good choice so we drove out that way, google searched for a car repair place. We found Anamosa Auto Center. Called them at set up a 2pm appointment. We journeyed around southeast Iowa for a few hours looking at some areas of preserved prairie, got lost, got found and ended up at Anamosa Auto. Unfortunately, the place wasn't anywhere near the town of Anamosa. But we made the best of it...and the guys at the Auto Center were fantastic. Took us right away. Very friendly. And in under an hour, we had my daughter's car safe and ready for winter. True, there wasn't much to do as the place is on the highway. But let me just say, the weather was perfect and we had a gorgeous view while we slowed down a bit and soaked in midwest friendliness. Highly recommend this place! I wish I could post a picture of the view we had while we sat outside waiting for the car. But if you're from Iowa, you know what I mean.
Sarah P.