My Mechanic Car Club

Your car is one of your biggest investments, so why not take care of it! With a My Mechanic Car Club membership, you’ll have quarterly maintenance service from a qualified mechanic at Anamosa Auto Sales & Service. We’ll keep your car in top shape, so you can stay ahead of major repairs, saving you time and money. Think of the My Mechanic Car Club membership like getting your teeth cleaned, without the misery.

By having a professional look under your hood every maintenance visit, you can keep your car well maintained and get ahead of issues before they become catastrophic. Wouldn’t you rather get a filling than a root canal? Same thing can happen with your car – its better and cheaper to get preventative maintenance than to end up with expensive repairs.

No more excuses, because Anamosa Auto Sales & Service provides quality repairs and quality service! Join today!

What's Included?

After you purchase your membership based on the oil type of your vehicle (pricing below), you will get 4 punches with the 5th punch being FREE. During each punch visit, you will be able to take advantage of basic services that you can choose as part of your membership:

Free Tire Rotation

Free Battery Check

Free Vehicle Inspection


10% off any regular price Service Repair

These services need to be used within the 5 punches. Once the 5 punches have been achieved, the membership expires. There is no expiration date to the membership, it is contingent upon the punches. 

When your appointment rolls around, our certified mechanic will perform the maintenance service required. You can go back to whatever you were doing while the mechanic services your cars. When the mechanic is done servicing and inspecting your car, we will also provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your car and give you a quote for any recommended services.

Three months later, you can come back, and we will do it all over again. Your appointments are automatically scheduled, so you don’t have to remember to book your next appointment. We will remind you of the appointment, with the ability to change it if needed.

Membership Pricing

Standard Oil CHanges
($175 Value)

  • $120 + Tax: 5 quarts of Standard Oil
  • $125 + Tax: 6 quarts of Standard Oil
  • $130 + Tax: 7 quarts of Standard Oil

Synthetic Oil CHanges
($225 Value)

  • $160 + Tax: 4.5 quarts of Synthetic Oil
  • $170 + Tax: 5 quarts of Synthetic Oil
  • $180 + Tax: 6 quarts of Synthetic Oil

*Cost includes filter and labor. Additional oil over amount listed will be an additional cost at time of your service visit. Membership expires when 5th punch is taken.

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