Brake Services

The highly trained technicians at Anamosa Auto know your brake system and can perform brake inspections and brake pad replacements on almost every make and model. This includes models equipped with ABS, otherwise known as an Anti-Lock Braking System.

brake service repair anamosa autoBecause brakes are made of materials and components that wear down over time, they need to be routinely inspected and repaired or replaced. When brake inspections and maintenance are overlooked, it can lead to costly repairs and replacements, as well as a dangerous inability to stop your vehicle. No one wants to worry about that.


Brake Inspection

It’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected every 12,000 miles or about once a year. One of our technicians will give you service recommendations based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and the condition of the brake components. 

brake fulid

Brake Fluid Exchange

We can also tell you whether a brake fluid exchange is due for your vehicle, based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. If it is, the technician will remove the old fluid and replace it with new fluid that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.


Brake Repair

Our brake technicians will make sure that your car or truck brakes are serviced in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. This includes all replacement parts such as pads, hardware and if necessary drums and/or rotors.

anti lock brakes

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)

Anti-lock brake systems (ABS), keep wheels from locking up during hard braking situations. If you suspect your ABS system isn’t working correctly or the ABS light is on, it’s recommended that you bring your vehicle in to Anamosa Auto. We can properly diagnose & resolve the problem!

time for Brake Service?

Our certified experts are trained to carefully inspect, repair and maintain your braking system to help you stop on a dime.

  • Brakes are Squeaking, Squealing, or Grinding
  • Jerks or Pulls to One Side When Braking
  • Your Brake or ABS Light Comes On
  • Brake Pedal Feels Soft or Goes to the Floor When Pressed
  • Car Requires Longer Distances to Stop
  • Over One Year or 12K Miles Since Last Inspection

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